Induction Cooking


Principle of Induction Cooking


It is the only cooking system where the heating element is the base of the cooking pot itself.

All other systems are working with indirect heating

  - gas or oil: the hot fire is heating the base of the cooking pot

  - resistance coils: contact heat and radiation to the base

  - vitroceramic hotplates: contact heat and radiation

  - halogen / hi-light heating: radiation and contact

Induction cooker and cooking pot are interrelated. They are becoming like HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.




Advantages of Induction Cooking


Enormous flexibility
Better safety in general
Better safety for children
Easier cleaning
Lower temperatures in the (professional) kitchen and less energy use when kitchen is air-conditioned
Much lower energy use compared to gas or electricity
Easier adaptation of different diameters of cookware
Computer controlled cooker
Adaptive cooking possible – sensors – ControlInduc at 250°C or other temperatures