The Smart tech which gives you in few secondes the perfect temperature to dress your plates, and holds the right temperature through out the process.

Place the plate on its designated space on the induction table, and it will automatically reach its temperature within a few seconds.


inducart adventys dressage

Energy saved

Plates are only warmed up when being used: the compsumption is the exact reflect the size of the structure and its service. Warming by induction is the most efficient process. Comsumption stops when plates are being sent into dining rooms.
Comsumption to maintain the temperature for 1 plate is about 25 Watts power. Lighting is made with Led light with low comsumption.



Precision of temperature gives Chefs the flexibility of new opportunity in creation and more time to create while keeping the food and the plate at the right.


dressage inducart



Organization of the plating process in the kitchen rearranged and simplified. Lighting is independent from the warming zone: no shades while plating. No more back-and-forth trips of plates from the plating zone to Salamanders. During the Plating process, the heat is controlled in a more efficient way which makes the finishing process more comfortable and enjoyable, rather than stressful and speed-up. If needed, and extra heat source coming from the top of the unit is available with infrared technology.



Temperature is +/- 1°C precise. Temperature is stable and maintain through out the plating process without any additional action. The continuous measurement of temperature with the laser gives the best temperature results during the entire process.


Ceramique surface

induc'art dressage


Receptive plate.

inducart adventys

To know more about the Induc'Art by ADVENTYS download the Induc'Art data sheet